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client 20 Vic Management
status Completed 2011
scope Architecture, Master Planning, Interiors
Leed Rating Gold

The CORE is a large-scale urban renewal project that unites three disjointed properties into a single multi-use urban retail complex located in the heart of Calgary’s central business district. Its design includes the largest frameless glass roof in North America, constructed to provide a promenade shopping experience, awash in natural light and to create a cohesive connection between the urban exterior environment and the fully-renovated high-street retail interior.

The reconfigured escalators and enlarged floor openings throughout the mall improve circulation and create visual linkages, while the frameless glass balustrades improve sightlines to increase the visibility of retailers on all levels.

A key part of the larger renewal project was the renovation of Devonian Gardens, a 2.5 acre indoor public botanical garden. Two new undulating green living walls act as a natural transition between the Gardens and the expanded food court, with its increased tenancy and varied seating arrangements.

2012 ICSC Maple Leaf Gold Award
2012 International Property Award for Canada & North America
2012 International Property Award for the World
2012 International Grand SADI Award